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Keystone Deluxe

Vent-Free Fireboxes​



B-Vent Fireboxes

Direct Vent Fireboxes

 Breckenridge Collection

More Sizes and Configurations - Deluxe, Premium and Select

Louver and Flush Face Models
More Accessories – blowers, louvers, doors, mantels, frames
More Liners – Refractory, Ceramic Fiber, and Metal
For Vent-Free Burner and Log Set or Contemporary Burner
Zero-Clearance Certified
Made In USA​

The Products – Affordable, Efficient, Artful Heating Solutions
Empire has a tradition of listening to dealers and their customers.

From early floor furnaces (a forerunner to central heating systems) to console heaters to wall furnaces, to gas fireplaces and log sets, to the super-efficient Mantis fireplace system, Empire has adapted to market requirements. Empire was the first to market vent-free heaters equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor, now standard on all vent-free products in the U.S. In the 1980s, Empire became the first to market a gas-fired heater that achieves 80-percent efficiency, and in 2006, Empire marketed the first vented gas fireplace to achieve 90-percent efficiency. Today’s heater and hearth offerings cover a wide spectrum of gas-fired products:

Vented, Vent-Free, and B-Vent Heaters and Fireplaces

Vented and Vent-Free Log Sets

Fireplace Inserts and Cast Iron Stoves

Ten years ago, the company purchased manufacturing rights to Broilmaster Premium Gas Grills. The addition of this line helped keep employees working during the off-peak season for heaters and fireplaces, and give our sales force an added tool for calling on customers. The Broilmaster brand enjoys unmatched owner loyalty, based on the grill’s exceptional performance and on the lifetime warranty on most critical components. Empire still makes replacement parts for grills manufactured more than 30 years ago.

  Keystone Premium

Keystone Deluxe and Premium

Appearance and performance of a wood fireplace - with the convenience of gas

Deluxe Fireplaces with compact Contour Burner - BVD-34 (21,000 Btu), BVD-36 (25,000 Btu)
Premium Fireplace with Slope Glaze Burner - BVP-42 (30,000 Btu)
Hand-painted ceramic fiber Log Set
Choose Flush Front or Louvers 


Tahoe Luxury Firebox                                                                                

Choose Millivolt (LP or Nat), IP (LP or Nat),
RF Variable Flame & Blower (LP or Nat) or Direct Ignition (Nat only)
Conventional louvers (Accepts Decorative Louvers)
Heater Rated up to 85% Steady State Efficiency
Fireplace Screen Available


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Empire – a Family-Owned Tradition

Empire Comfort Systems grew out of a small sheet metal shop founded by Henry Bauer in 1911 in the city of Belleville, Illinois. Formally incorporated on August 26, 1932, Empire Stove Company produced sheet metal heaters that took advantage of the increasing availability of natural gas.  While the company has weathered the ups and downs of economic downturns, wars, labor strife, fires, and societal changes, the Bauer family has remained the one constant.The family tradition continues. Nick Bauer and Jane Bauer represent the fourth generation of Bauer’s at Empire Comfort Systems – making this a continuously family-operated business since 1932.

        Tahoe Premium Firebox

Slope Glaze Burner, Ceramic Fiber Log Set, Tempered Glass
Choose Millivolt (LP or Nat), IP (LP or Nat),
RF Variable Flame & Blower (LP or Nat) or Direct Ignition (Nat only)
Conventional louvers (accepts Decorative Louvers)
Heater Rated up to 83% Steady State Efficiency
Fireplace Screen Available