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 Wouldn't you like to sit back and enjoy the comfort of a fire like this???

Well here at Recreational Installations, we have a very large selection of gas logs sets to suite any need, want or price range. The main brands that we sell are Empire, Monessen, and R.H. Peterson. These brands have many sizes and styles of logs to choose from. There are also four different types of burners to choose from in either vented or vent-free. 

                        Here is some information about the different types of burners that are available.

Manual - With the manual control the burner is operated by a control dial. There are no remote capabilities, therefore you must get up and turn the burner on and off and adjust the flame height by using a dial. There are usually three flame height settings- low, medium and high. This burner is the entry level of burners.

Millivolt Control- This burner makes its own internal electricity, which includes an on/off switch that is located either on the front of the burner, on a small simulated log control box, or a switch mounted on the wall. There is also a dial on the front of the the burner that is used to turn the flame height up or down. This burner is remote capable, but you can only turn the unit on and off using the remote. You can also have the heat controlled by a thermostat that can be mounted on your wall.

Variable Control- On this burner, everthing is controlled by a remote. The only thing you control on the unit is turning the pilot light on. When you use the remote it turns on the burner and adjusts the flame height.

Intermittent Control- With this burner there is no standing pilot, a remote is used to turn to pilot and burner off and on. The remote also controls the flame height.

                                        What's the difference between vented and vent-free gas logs?

If you are interested in getting a gas log set for your home, one thing you should consider is whether you want a vented or vent-free unit. The main difference between the two is that with a vented system, most of the heat that is produced escapes out of the chimney of your fireplace. With a vent-free system, all the heat comes into the room and heats the house up to 1,100 square feet. Some people are worried about the carbon monoxide with the vent-free gas logs. Not to worry, the burners only give off 0.2ppm of carbon monoxide which is well below the safety standards. All the burners also come with an oxygen depletion sensor. If there is any kind of blockage or the oxygen level goes down, the sensor will shut off the pilot light. If you are interested in heating your home efficiently then a vent-free unit is your way to go, but if you are just looking for the ambience of a nice fireplace then a vented unit is the way to go.